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I realized today that I had not been here since my "dad" passed. So I feel like I am coming up for breath after a long time being submerged. Lots going on. I am performing a wedding soon. And have the desire to include a wonderful quote by a justice for whom I have great respect. The object of this opinion was the decision to perform civil marriages for gays...but I just like what it says about marriage.
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News about my Kid's quest

Hi everyone!
My daughter, Amelia Horswill, is a team co-captain for the Relay for Life event this weekend at Naorthern Arizona University. This is a team event / fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The theme this year is colors for a cure, where each team has picked a color representing one type of cancer that needs research dollars to help find a cure. Amelia’s team, Pentacare, picked ovarian cancer; it is appropriate since the grandmother she is named for had ovarian cancer. Her team only has 6 people and they have met their goal of $100 but the event is overall about $19000 shy of their goal.
Can you find it in your heart to help?
The teams are out there walking their track and holding a candlelight vigil for twelve hours to honor the cancer patients still in the dark and without hope. None of the money goes to the kids or the school, in fact donations are direct to the American Cancer Society. You can contribute in someone’s name, or in their memory, and you can contribute any amount as it will all help. To contribute, go to their team page and click on the donation link:


Bone Cancer Bites!

My big brother Lanny is here with his wife and daughter from Chicago. His kids (my nephews that live with me) have all decamped to see him. He's here because his mother in law is ill and to visit friends for their Christmas party, not us.

My mostly brother Sean who is more like my brother emotionally, called at 9 PM to say that my step dad is in the hospital again and not doing well. He told his wife every single day they have been married "I love you." they just don't make men like that anymore.
We are supposed to go see him. I can't stop crying and I feel like an idiot.
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Oh no!

I got a call from the University hospital clinic today that my daughter was being released with the caveat that she not work or do homework for three days, and try to take it easy and relax. She had been admitted in the morning for severe pains in the chest on her left side and apparent muscle pain. After monitoring they determined it was definately not her heart (mom sings praises here of thanks) and they observed her muscles twitching so they think it is in them, possibly a chemical inbalance so she gave many vials for a full blood work up. She has already been making a consious effort to improve her diet so I have no clue what that might turn up. However, they could not rule out anxiety--a diagnosis I suffer from that hits for no apparent reason out of the blue. Sometimes full panic attacks *seem* like a heart attack. Thankfully, I know how to deal with them. Her dad was just denied a job he had been working towards for years in Russia because a Kaiser doc gave him a diagnosis of anxiety thinking he would "help" Ray by keeping him out of the mideast. Working for the US government, they do not tolerate ANY diagnosis of anziety so they effectively ended his career. Amy wants to go into foreign service, so I find myself in the weird position of hoping it IS something chemical that can be fixed, not an annoying diagnosis that someone can live with easily....
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Can you spare a moment to help a nice guy?

Hey everyone!

I have a very special request that takes only a few seconds and helps out a great guy and a popular ALA music artist!
Rand0m (aka Raheem Jarbo)is a musician from Arizona, originally from Philly, who appeared at last year's Anime Los Angeles and is not only a good performer, but a genuinely great guy. His commercial "one hit wonder" was "Grow Up," a catchy tune that describes many of us fans perfectly with lyrics that state, "I just can't seem to grow up and I don't think I really want to!"

Random got started rapping to the video-game music of Mega-Man. His style is old school hip hop/ early rap (NOT the gangsta stuff). His rhymes are solid and his rap is tasteful, as befits a guy whose day job is an elementary school math teacher. He can use our help.

Random is nominated for an Online Hip Hop Award as an Artist to Watch. right now he's in 5th place and is just 80 votes out of first place! Please take 15 seconds and help Ran take the crown: And please pass this on to friends if you can!


this could be big!

Thank you for helping me support an artist and a friend.
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L'shanah Tovah!

Last night at Erev Rosh Hashanah services, the Rabbi shared the following which made me laugh, and I want to share it with friends so they can enjoy it, too. I need a LOT of nut bread and corn bread---Maybe some industrial strenghth mix, too!

On the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, there is a ceremony called Tashlich. Jews traditionally go to the ocean or a stream or river to pray and throw bread crumbs into the water. Symbolically, the fish devour their sins.

Occasionally, people ask what kind of bread crumbs should be thrown. Here are suggestions for breads which may be most appropriate for specific sins and misbehaviors:

For ordinary sins White Bread
For erotic sins French Bread
For particularly dark sins Pumpernickel
For complex sins Multi-Grain
For twisted sins Pretzels
For tasteless sins Rice Cakes
For sins of indecision Waffles
For sins committed in haste Matzoh
For sins of chutzpah Fresh Bread
For substance abuse Stoned Wheat
For use of heavy drugs Poppy Seed
For petty larceny Stollen
For committing auto theft Caraway
For timidity/cowardice Milk Toast
For ill-temperedness Sourdough
For silliness, eccentricity Nut Bread
For not giving full value Shortbread
For jingoism, chauvinism Yankee Doodles
For excessive irony Rye Bread
For unnecessary chances Hero Bread
For telling bad jokes/puns Corn Bread
For war-mongering Kaiser Rolls
For dressing immodestly Tarts
For causing injury to others Tortes
For lechery and promiscuity Hot Buns
For promiscuity with gentiles Hot Cross Buns
For racist attitudes Crackers
For sophisticated racism Ritz Crackers
For being holier than thou Bagels
For abrasiveness Grits
For dropping in without notice Popovers
For over-eating Stuffing
For impetuosity Quick Bread
For indecent photography Cheesecake
For raising your voice too often Challah
For pride and egotism Puff Pastry
For sycophancy, ass-kissing Brownies
For being overly smothering Angel Food Cake
For laziness Any long loaf
For trashing the environment Dumplings

For those who require a wide selection of crumbs, we suggest a Tashlich Mix available in three grades (Taslich Lite, Medium, and Industrial Strength) at your favorite Jewish bookstore.

Looking for people

I am actually trying to find some people to ask permission to use old (and in some cases newer) pictures of them for a bookmark project that is part of my intended loscon bid bribes next month.  Saying yes is not necessarily an endorsement of me! I want the bookmarks to be cute and "all about the fans." 

Can anyone help me find Ed Green, Larry Niven, Charles Lee Jackson II, Len and June Moffat, Sundance Bikini ( I left a message at an old number I had and never heard back), Patrick Beckstead, Ben Massoglia, or Eris Young? These are all people I have pictures of and would like to use. Out of respect, I am asking everyone first, and the photographer too, if known. 

I would also welcome OLD pictures of some of the more seasoned fans (preferably from their teens, 20s or early 30s) and newer pictures of people that age NOW who are fans.


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 I am trying not to stress...had a good birthday, am house/pet sitting for 4 lovely animals, 2 dogs 2 cats in a home full of games, but tried shopping yesterday and was less than successful and my mom is still sick. :(
I am going to Anaheim this afternoon and will stay through until early tomorrow morning to do the Xmas thing with my brother's spawn. I am actually looking forward to ALA in just 11 days!  My own daughter is delayed from coming home. First she had to take all her stuff back to Colorado, she is having Xmas with her Dad, then her step sister Jasmine is getting married, then she can come see me!  I hope she makes it before New Years! She is excited about ALA, also.


I received the post mortem note on Ziggy Con and the guys got fewer folks than they expected, but still over 300 people in a war zone is not bad. Problems were lack of command support for event=lack of release for some players, troop movements meaning people no longer there, and that it was a first time so there was a little of that factor, too. The con was well supported with donations and prizes from major companies and individuals, enough games that they are also supplying morale officers of a variety of units with games for their people. I sent dice and bags and appreciate the help I got (tho very little) in supporting these gamers so far from home. :D
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I am putting together a box...

Well, I stuck my neck ouut and asked the guys running a game con in Iraq (Ziggurat Con on June 9th) for the military and support workers there what I could send to help them out. As many of you know I gave up Magic the Gathering a while back after a top 8 finish in the San Diego Pro-Tour Am room, which I figured was the best I was going to get and my life was changing. That left me with a LOT of Magic cards, and most of my old buds now play online, so I am shipping them off with some dice bags I make and any other D&D goodies I can clear out of my closets. If ANYONE has any old (or new) books,dice, or figurines they would like to also go into my box, please either get it to me at home in Anaheim or to me at the LASFS meeting on May 17th. Your name will be included as a donator and I know the guys and gals playing will appreciate it! I have copied the reply Jeff sent me by email below:

We'll be running ADnD v3.5 at the Con, but there are
groups here who run
v3 and v2. The Con will have Gurps, Rifts,
Mechwarrior, Starship
Troopers, CyberPunk, Shadowrun, Babylon 5, Xcrawl,
Magic the Gathering,
just about anything you can name, it'll be at our Con.

Yes, we do share dice. There are a lot of people here
who do not have
dice and it is unavailable here in Iraq. So any dice
and dice bags you
can send along will be greatly appreciated. Anything,
in fact, that you
send along will be greatly appreciated. Books, dice,
miniatures, ect...

Mail usually get's to our location in under 2 weeks
with the average
being about 8-10 days. So there is still time to send
things along and
have it arrive prior to the start of the Con.

Thank you so much for your kind words and your
interest in supporting
our Con. It's very much appreciated.

Mailing address for the con is:
SPC David Amberson
A Co 86th Sig Bn
APO, AE 09331

Thank you